USB to RS-232


2-Port Industrial USB to RS-232 Converter

The standard RS-232 protocol has been widely used in most of industrial equipments for serial port communication. The USB interface also has been built in the personal computer or embedded system device. RS-232 and USB offer better transmission speed, wide range and networking capabilities. Hence, the AMC-2120, USB to 2-port RS-232 converter takes the important interface and popular to be deployed in the industrial communication network and higher reliable applications. It provides complete signal conversion between USB and RS-232 protocol.


  • Compliant USB 1.1/2.0 for up to 480 Mbps transmission
  • All RS-232 speed up to 921.6 Kbps
  • 15KV ESD protection for all RS-232 signals
  • 3KV optical isolation between USB and RS-232 port
  • Low power consumption with USB bus powered
  • USB Drivers provided for Windows and Linux operating system
  • Din-Rail mount or wall mount robust housing
  • Wide operating temperature (-40 to 70°C)

USB Drivers for Windows and Linux

The AMC-2120 provides USB drivers for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux operating system. It is easy to create two serial ports for monitoring and utilization.

Isolation and ESD protection

The AMC-2120 offers 3KV isolation protection between USB and its 2-port RS-232 interfaces.

However two ports RS-232C do not isolate each other, it also has 15KV ESD protection on all RS-232 signals and USB signals.

RS-232 performance and parameters

It supports data bit format from 7 to 8 bit setting, parity, stop bits setting, all RS-232 signals on the RS-232 interface, data bit rate transmission from 300 to 921.6 Kbps.

Wide operating temperature

For most of industrial applications are harsh environment, all AMC-2120 series provide the operating temperature from -40 to 70°C, give you a reliable solution of a USB to RS-232 converter for wide temperature application.

Wall-mount or Din-Rail solution

The AMC-2120 provides wall-mount and DIN-Rail installation solutions; allow you easily screw it by wall mount screws or mount it on the DIN-rail by DIN rail kit.



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