Installation instruction for LabTool-848XP Upgrade Kit
  1. Turn off the programmer and plug off the power core.
  2. Release the 25 pcs outer screws of the programmer.
  3. Remove modules of programmer
  4. Release the upper cover of programmer
  5. Release the screws of the old system board
  6. Assembly USB kit
  7. Carefully plug off the connector of DC output and parallel cable
  8. Carefully Replace system board
  9. Plug into connector for new board **Check direction
  10. Mount the new board and tight the screws.
  11. replace USB connector
  12. Insert the modules and tight the outer screws of programmer
  13. PC interface: DB-25 parallel port connector with EPP mode or USB.
  14. Execcute the new version software,make a self-test for programmer.if no error was Found then the upgrade was done.
  15. You can download the USB driver "β Version" from AEC web site:

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