AEC Newspaper
Q4 News 2006
  Obsolete the LabTool-148C
Advantech announce the obsolete of LabTool-148C since its low sales quantity which can not justify for production, Advantech equipment no longer offer the 148C after Oct 1 st 2006.
The LabTool-148C software will still support and update till end of Dec 2007.

  LabTool-48UXP new device support in SW 6.70 (Oct. 2006)
Atmel AT24C1024 *8SO, AT24C128 *8SO, AT24C256 *8SO, AT24C512 *8SO,
AT24C512 *8TSSOP, AT26DF321 *16SO, AT26DF321 *8SO,
AT45DB041D 8SO 200mil, AT49BV160D *48TS, AT49BV160DT *48TS,
AT49BV163D *48TS, AT49BV163D @48CBGA, AT49BV163DT *48TS,
AT49BV163DT @48CBGA, AT49BV642D *48TS, AT49BV642DT *48TS,
AT90PWM2 *24SO, ATmega164P/V, ATmega164P/V *44TQ, ATmega324P/V,
ATmega324P/V *44TQ, ATmega644P/V, ATmega644P/V *44TQ
Cypress CY8C24223A, CY8C24223A *20SSOP
EON EN25P16 *16SO, EN25S40T *8SO
ESMT F25L004A (150mil), F25L004A (200mil), F25L008A *8SO, F25L016A *8SO
EverStar EV29LV160AB, EV29LV640MT

MC68HC908AP16 *42SD, MC68HC908AP16 *44Q,
MC68HC908AP32 *42SD, MC68HC908AP32 *44Q,
MC68HC908AP64 *42SD, MC68HC908AP64 *44Q,
MC68HC908AP8 *42SD, MC68HC908AP8 *44Q,
MC68HC908GZ32 *48LQ, MC68HC908GZ60 *48LQ,
MC68HC908GZ8 *48LQ, MC68HC908JK1E, MC68HC908JK1E *20SO,
MC68HC908JK3E, MC68HC908JK3E *20SO, MC68HC908JL3E,
MC68HC908JL3E *28SO, MC68HC908QT1A *8DIP,
MC68HC908QT1A *8SOIC, MC68HC908QT2A *8DIP,
MC68HC908QT2A *8SOIC, MC68HC908QT4A *8DIP,

Fujitsu MB85R256 *28SO
Intel PF38F2030W0YB@88VFBGA, PF38F2030W0YT@88VFBGA,
PF38F2030W0ZB@88VFBGA, PF38F2030W0ZT@88VFBGA,
QB25F016S33B *8SO, QB25F016S33T *8SO, QB25F160S33B *16SO,
QB25F160S33T *16SO, QH25F016S33B *8SO, QH25F016S33T *8SO,
QH25F160S33B *16SO, QH25F160S33T *16SO
Macronix MX25L4005A, MX29LV033A(Customer)
Microchip PIC16F873 *28SO, PIC16F876 *28SO
ROHM BR24L32 *8SO, BR93L56
SST 36VF1601E *48TS, 36VF1601E @48TFBGA, 36VF1602E *48TS,
36VF1602E @48TFBGA, 49LF160C *32PLCC
ST M48T08, M48Z08
SUNPLUS SPMC65P1502A(18pin), SPMC65P1502A(24pin), SPMC65P1504A(24pin),
SPMC65P1504A(28pin), SPMC65P2102A, SPMC65P2104A,
SPMC65P2202A(16pin), SPMC65P2202A(20pin), SPMC65P2204A(16pin),
SPMC65P2204A(20pin), SPMC65P2404A(20pin), SPMC65P2404A(28pin),
SPMC65P2408A(28pin), SPMC65P2408A(32pin), SPMC65P2708A,
SyncMos SM59128, SM59128 *44, SM59128 *44Q
TI MSP430F1101 *20SO, MSP430F1121 *20SO,
MSP430F1121A *20SO, MSP430F1132 *20SO
Winbond W25B20 *8SO, W25D10, W25D10 *8SO, W25D20, W25D20 *8SO,
W25D40 *8SO, W25D80, W25D80 *8SO, W25X16 *8SO, W79E801,
W79E801 *20SO, W79E802, W79E802 *20SO, W79E803,
W79E803 *20SO, W79E804, W79E804 *20SO, W79E811 *28SO,
W79E812 *28SO, W79E813 *28SO, W79E831, W79E831 *20SO,
W79E832, W79E832 *20SO, W79E833, W79E833 *20SO,
W79E834 *28SO, W79E83J *48TQ
  LabTool-848XP new device support in SW 4.40 (Oct. 2006)
AMIC A25L42PU @8SO(150mil), A25L42PU @8SO(200mil), A29040B
ASIX AX11001 @80LQ, AX11005 @80LQ, AX11015 @128LQ
Atmel ATmega16 @44QFN, AT25F2048 @8SO, AT26DF161 @8SO,
AT26DF321 @16SO, AT26DF321 @8SO, AT49BV160D *48TS,
AT49BV160DT *48TS, AT49BV163D *48TS, AT49BV163D @48CBGA,
AT49BV163DT *48TS, AT49BV163DT @48CBGA,
AT49BV320D @48CBGA, AT49BV320DT @48CBGA,
AT49BV322D @48CBGA, AT49BV322DT @48CBGA,
AT49BV640D @48CBGA, AT49BV640DT @48CBGA,
AT49BV642D *48TS, AT49BV642DT *48TS
EON EN25P16 @16SO
ESMT F49L160BA *48TS, F49L160UA *48TS
Macronix MX25L4005A @8DIP, MX29LV640DB *48TS, MX29LV640DT *48TS
Microchip PIC18F442 @44, PIC18F448 @44, PIC18F452 @44, PIC18F458 @44
PMC (Chingis) Pm25LV010A @8SO, Pm25LV016 @8SO, Pm25LV080 @8SO, Pm25LV512A @8SO
ROHM BR24L32, BR24L32 @8SO
ST M58WR064HB @56BGA, M58WR064HT @56BGA
SyncMOS SM59128, SM59128 *44, SM5964A, SM5964A *44
  LabTool-148C new device support in SW 4.40 (Oct. 2006)

ATmega16 @44QFN

Microchip PIC18F442 @44, PIC18F448 @44, PIC18F452 @44, PIC18F458 @44
SyncMOS SM59128, SM59128 *44, SM5964A, SM5964A *44
  LabTool-T400 new device support in SW 1.80 (Oct. 2006)
Atmel AT49BV160 *48TS, AT49BV160T *48TS, AT49BV162A *48TS,
AT49BV162AT *48TS, AT49BV6416 *48TS, AT49BV6416T *48TS,
AT49BV802A *48TS, AT49BV802AT *48TS
Excelsemi ES29LV400EB *48TS, ES29LV400EB @48FBGA,
ES29LV400ET *48TS, ES29LV400ET @48FBGA
Hynix HY27UF084G2M *48TS
Intel GE28F320J3A @48UBGA, GE28F320J3C @48UBGA,
PF38F2030W0YB @88BGA, PF38F2030W0YT @88BGA,
PF38F4050M0Y0 @88BGA, PF38F4350LLYB @88BGA,
PF38F4350LLYT @88BGA, RD38F4350LLYT @88BGA,
TE28F320J3C *56TS
Macronix MX29LA320MB *48TS, MX29LA320MT *48TS, MX29LV320CB *48TS,
MX29LV320CT *48TS, MX29LV640DB *48TS, MX29LV640DT *48TS
Samsung K5D5657ACB-D @107FBGA, K5D5657ACR-D @107FBGA,
K9F5608U0D @63BGA
Spansion S29GL032A-FF-S1, S29GL032A-FF-S2, S29GL064M-TF-R3,
S29GL064M-TF-R4, S29GL128N-FF-01, S29GL128N-FF-02,
S29GL256N-FF-S1, S29GL256N-FF-S2, S29GL512N-FF-S1,
S29GL512N-FF-S2, S71GL032A08-0B @56FBGA,
S71GL032A08-0F @56FBGA, S71GL064AA0-0U @56FBGA,
S71GL064AA0-0Z @56FBGA
ST M28W160CB *48TS, M28W160CT *48TS, M36P0R8060E0Z @88BGA,
M58WR064HB @56VFBGA, M58WR064HT @56VFBGA
Toshiba TV00578002DAGD @107BGA